Fall Updates and My Last TBR of the Year!

I don’t know what it was about October and November, but they were awful reading months for me. I ended up DNFing about a third of the books I read, and that overall left me disappointed. Books I was excited about ended up being flops for me, and that led to a lot of feet … Continue reading Fall Updates and My Last TBR of the Year!

What’s This? What’s This? An October TBR?

Sick Nightmare Before Christmas reference in the title right? (heh....heh.....) Anyways, its finally October, things are about to get spooky. I love coming up with my October TBRs because I honestly love reading mysteries and thrillers (which is hilarious because I’m terrified of everything), and this month gives me the chance to read those and … Continue reading What’s This? What’s This? An October TBR?

April – The Month I’ll Stick to my TBR

Following February and March, where I didn't exactly follow the list of books I wanted to read in those months, this April I'm determined to finish my TBR. Which...in a way is a conglomeration of books on those TBRs that I never got to, plus a few more. There also might be a challenge that I … Continue reading April – The Month I’ll Stick to my TBR

What I’m Reading – September 2017

This month is going to be a doozy. With job applications being sent out at record speed and clowns taking over the media. I have a feeling I'll be reading a lot. In September I'm planning to read a few more contemporary novels I've had my eye on before I reach for the fantasy novels … Continue reading What I’m Reading – September 2017

July To Be Read List

aka: Lindsey is asking too much of herself. June was a really good reading month, that was for sure. I'm hoping to keep that momentum going with July, but I made that hard for myself seeing as I chose some rather large books to read. But let's get into it! (summaries and cover photos from … Continue reading July To Be Read List