The Second TBR In a Row…Whoops

It’s Spookathon week! ...In a half hour. I told you all the books I wanted to read this month back in my October TBR, but now, let’s discuss the week ahead. There are five challenges total for the readathon but based on the books I’m planning to read this month, I think I’ll only be … Continue reading The Second TBR In a Row…Whoops

What’s This? What’s This? An October TBR?

Sick Nightmare Before Christmas reference in the title right? (heh....heh.....) Anyways, its finally October, things are about to get spooky. I love coming up with my October TBRs because I honestly love reading mysteries and thrillers (which is hilarious because I’m terrified of everything), and this month gives me the chance to read those and … Continue reading What’s This? What’s This? An October TBR?

A More…Historical Wrap Up

Honestly the end of September came so fast I think I have whiplash. This month was awfully busy, a lot of working, a lot of Hell’s Kitchen watching, but not a lot of reading. I participated in Contemporary-a-thon in the middle of the week, which is where most of my reading took place. Last week, … Continue reading A More…Historical Wrap Up