The Best Readathon in Awhile

...Okay to be completely fair, before the Buzzword Readathon last week, I've only participated in one readathon - Spookathon, back in October - and I didn't do great. Out of the five challenges back during Spookathon I only finished two. But, the Buzzword Readathon had one challenge: Read a book with the word "girl" in the title. … Continue reading The Best Readathon in Awhile

The Final Girls by Riley Sager

The end of this post contains spoilers! Back when The Final Girls came out in January, I had heard a million things about it, but I avoided reading it because I’m a chicken and when someone compared it to a slasher flick I ran for the hills. But, it came into my life through the … Continue reading The Final Girls by Riley Sager

No More Reading Slumps! Plus a Readathon

I'm still behind on my Goodreads Reading Challenge, and honestly I kind of blame The Secret History. I was so desperate to finish that first that I was scared to pick up other books because I didn't want to put Secret History on the back burner for any longer. But now that I finished it, I'm ready to … Continue reading No More Reading Slumps! Plus a Readathon

I Did What I Thought Was Impossible

Honestly I'm not even being dramatic, I really did think it was impossible. I finished The Secret History. I don't even know why it took me so long to finish reading The Secret History (I started on Christmas), but it just took me forever. Maybe I wasn't in the mood, maybe it was because I always picked … Continue reading I Did What I Thought Was Impossible